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liquid limestone retaining walls in perth

The skilled team at Crave Liquid Limestone are all qualified stone masons. Throughout our 25-year history we have built many limestone retaining walls in Perth and throughout the surrounding region. This experience has given us valuable knowledge about how to tackle even the most difficult challenges.

A retaining wall is an important feature of any garden landscape. Not only do they hold your garden in place, they add an eye catching and unique element to your backyard. No matter if you are looking for a short wall to surround your flower beds, or you are looking to build a tall front fence, Crave can build you a fantastic wall in Perth.

Why choose a limestone retaining wall?

Liquid limestone is great material for walls due to its strength and overall integrity. As a highly dense stone, it retains its structure even under stress, meaning you get a quality wall that is built to last. It is also highly versatile in terms of design. We can add a wide variety of different tints to the mix, creating unique and stunning hues and colours to really make your wall a feature of your backyard.

One of the best qualities of this product is its low maintenance requirements. After pouring, a sealant is applied to help retain its look and resist staining and corrosion. All you need to do is give it the occasional spray with a garden hose.

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Forget sleepers or bricks that shift over time; this product provides a low maintenance, attractive solution that is incredibly durable. When you call on our technicians, we take the time to gain a sound understanding of your individual requirements and the type of finish you require, ensuring the finished result is in line with your vision. Client satisfaction is a high priority of ours.

Alongside walls, this versatile product is suited to a wide range of other applications – from poolside paving to patio areas. For those who are planning to build a shed or house, we are also able to pour concrete slabs.

For more information about our service, or to request a quote, simply give us a call on 0458 971 158 today.