Pool & Spa Surrounds

liquid limestone pool surrounds

Crave Liquid Limestone paving is ideal for pool-side areas and spa surrounds. While traditional materials such as pavers and concrete are still popular, many people are now discovering how superior liquid limestone is for pool surrounds.

As a naturally porous material, limestone makes for a fantastic pool surround due to it being non-slip. Unlike tiles or concrete that can become slick when wet, liquid limestone retains great traction in the wet meaning you can walk around without fear of slipping.

Another inherent benefit of liquid limestone as a pool surrounds material is its ability to stay cool year round. While other materials absorb the heat of the hot Perth sun, the light colour of limestone and its composition means it remains cool, even during the hottest summer day. This is great for days spent poolside, as you no longer need to worry about potential burnt feet!

Liquid limestone is poured as a single stab, meaning there are no cracks or gaps through which weeds or pesky ants can poke though, keeping your poolside pristine and beautiful.

The best aspect of using liquid limestone for pool surrounds is that it’s a practically maintenance free solution. After pouring, a sealant is placed over the paving making it resistant to spills and other staining. This means all you need to do to keep your pool looking great is give it the occasional hose down!

If you would like to learn more about how liquid limestone can benefit your home or you would like to request a quote, then give us a call on 0458 971 158 today.