Liquid Limestone Paving

We deliver a complete liquid limestone paving service, from mixing through to laying and scoring. Our installation team is the most experienced in Perth, with over 25 years’ in the industry and working together with the top 10 landscape designers and builders in WA. Crave liquid limestone pavers use only the highest-quality liquid limestone.

There are many benefits to installing liquid limestone pavers. For one they do not absorb the heat as easily as other solutions, making them far friendlier to walk on all year round – especially during the intense Perth summer!

As a porous material, liquid limestone needs a quality sealant to protect it from the elements and to retain its strength and durability. After this solution has been applied the material will take on a matte look, however this can be changed to a high gloss finish with proper treatment.

Liquid limestone pavers are able to be customised in a number of ways making them a highly attractive option for both designers and architects. Available in a wide variety of colours and textures, we can provide you with paving that’s completely unique, ensuring you get the perfect solution to meet your personal tastes and preferences.

The best part about liquid limestone pavers is they’re practically maintenance free. The sealant that’s applied after pouring repels stains and other spillages, keeping your paving fresh and clean for years.

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