Crave liquid limestone highly specialisers in in-situ bullnosing. This means on a pool surround the limestone pour itself will be poured with the pool header in the same material. So the benefits are, same colour, same finish and 100% better quality finish. You also delete the series of gaps every 400mm.

We have specialised in this method for over 20 years and is an unbeatable finish. There is also options with thicknesses and shapes on the header itself. We can custom your bullnose thickness, ranging from the standard that we do being 50mm to 150mm or more if need be. If you are after a square nosing for a more modern look that’s also completely fine, same process, and thicknesses. This method is also used on steps, retaining walls and all areas where capping is usually used. All prices are very similar to buying pre made capping, but the end finish in-situ capping we deliver cannot be beaten on finish, strength and quality.

For more information about our bullnosing in Perth, or to request a quote. Simply give us a call on 0458 971 158 today.