Perth’s Liquid Limestone Experts – The Stunning Material For A Bespoke Result

Get the Lowest Cost Per Meter on Liquid Limestone in All of Perth

Make sure your new paved or tiled area is up to scratch with our cutting edge service! Crave Liquid Limestone are the go-to Perth specialists in this awesome new paving technique. More stylish and beautiful than concrete, and without the fuss and constant maintenance of pavers, poured liquid limestone is the new first choice of informed homeowners when they are installing a new patio, driveway, or other outdoor service. And our company are the first choice when looking for a competitive rate on poured liquid limestone.

Liquid limestone is the best new option for outdoor construction

Liquid limestone is only just starting to take off in popularity as a building material. As such, many homeowners who could benefit hugely from its use are still unaware of its properties, and still use inferior alternatives such as concrete. Liquid limestone has all of the ease of use and resilience of concrete paving, being mixed from concrete, crushed limestone and other materials, and usually being poured in much the same way. It is also possible to colour and texture the liquid limestone after pouring. In this way you can modify its already attractive, warm look to appear however you desire.

Good looking liquid limestone can maintain the classy look of a backyard in a way that bland concrete could not, capturing the look of stone tiles or pavers with simple stencilling. But unlike actual pavers, the limestone surface remains a single uninterrupted piece, so there is no need to worry about individual stones shifting or weeds, insects and the like pushing their way through. There really is no reason not to look into a poured liquid limestone finish for your outdoor areas.

Get Perth’s limestone experts for a gorgeous result

Crave Liquid Limestone aren’t just Perth’s most affordable option when it comes to liquid limestone installation; we are also the early-adopting specialists in this exciting new material. We know its ins and outs, and how to achieve a variety of fantastic effects after pouring to fit your intended look. Don’t risk it by hiring a contractor less experienced with liquid limestone. This material is unique in its requirements for mixing and sealing, and a botched job will undo the great look that you were going for in the first place.

We help homeowners and businesses across Australia get the stunning result they’re after. We service a range of suburbs across Perth, including the western suburbs, Fremantle, and more.

Call Crave today at 0458 971 158 to speak to our experts about how liquid limestone can work for your project.